Slow Fashion Jewelry's Impact on the Environment

Slow Fashion Jewelry's Impact on the Environment

Slow fashion is a term that you're bound to come across in media and print these days. More and more people are adopting this into their lifestyle.  In fact, the slow fashion movement gears toward bringing awareness to this cause and promote more eco-friendly fashion choices.  Recently, Richa Moorjani, star of Netflix's popular series "Never Have I Ever" hosted a slow fashion show at the Slow Fashion Fest in Austin, Texas.  She wore all sustainable brands, including "Defne Earrings" by Bebek Jewels. 


Before understanding the true benefits of slow fashion, however, what exactly is "slow fashion"?  Slow fashion is a concept rooted in sustainability and ethical practices.  In jewelry, it refers to jewelry designed, produced, and consumed in a mindful and environmentally conscious manner.  Slow fashion brands aim to promote sustainable fashion choices and reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment and workers.   

Many skeptics will think this a movement or approach that involves higher price points compared to fast fashion due to the use of sustainable materials, fair labor practices, and artisanal craftsmanship.  This can be a barrier for those who are accustomed to the affordability of fast fashion and prioritize lower prices over sustainability. They also claim slow fashion brands have limited variety and typically carry smaller collections and a narrower range of styles compared to fast fashion brands.  

Slow fashion jewelry is made using sustainable materials such as recycled materials and ethically sourced gemstones. There is a minimal environment impact because they aim to minimize their environmental footprint by reducing waste, using eco-friendly packaging, implementing recycle programs, and adopting sustainable production methods.  Skilled artisans produce timeless pieces by paying fine attention to detailing and finishing, allowing for durable pieces that can oftentimes be passed down generations.  In fact, more and more popular brands such as Catbird, Missoma, Monica Vinader, Merjuri, and Bebek Jewels are offering unique, high quality sustainable jewelry.  

By adhering to these principles, slow fashion jewelry brands aim to offer consumers an alternative to fast fashion, promoting sustainability, transparency, and mindful consumption in the jewelry industry.  


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