Semi-fine, Demi-fine Jewelry by Bebek Jewels.  Affordable contemporary gold-plated earrings.

Fine, Demi-Fine, and Semi-fine Jewelry--What's the Difference?

Perhaps the type of jewelry you are most familiar with is fine jewelry--typically, it's the jewelry behind glass display counters at high-end jewelers or department stores accompanied by hefty price tags.  Nowadays, we're coming across more and more commonly heard terms such as "semi-fine" and "demi-fine" jewelry, however.  You may be wondering, what exactly does each term mean; what sets them apart?  Luckily, we'll go over each term--discussing the pro's and the con's as well as which option is right for you and your purposes.  

What's Considered Fine Jewelry? 

With markups galore, whether it be to cover costs of advertising, brick-and-mortar shops, cost of labor, materials, price alone doesn't determine the quality of jewelry being purchased.  Fine jewelry, however, typically is on the pricier spectrum because it comprises of precious metals such as sterling silver, solid gold, and/or platinum.  It is the highest quality of all the jewelry on the market––and the most durable of all kinds.  It incorporates natural gemstones such as diamonds, pearls or other precious gems, resulting in pieces of wearable art that are natural and will likely have a longevity that outlasts the other types of jewelry.  

What's Demi-Fine Jewelry?

Demi-fine jewelry is the newest kind of jewelry out of the three, boasting characteristics of modern style and affordability––making it quite popular among the masses.  It acts as a segway between semi-fine and fashion/costume jewelry because it is made using gold-plated silver or low-carat gold mixed with semi-precious stones.  

Those that love having more pieces in their jewelry collection that are modern and contemporary in look (think stackable rings and bracelets) tend to opt for this type of jewelry.  

Typically a different style and look compared to fine jewelry, demi-fine jewelry is a great fit for people who enjoy modern designs but want quality that is more durable than costume jewelry.

What's Semi-Fine Jewelry?

Mimicking the style of fine jewelry, semi-fine jewelry is designed for those who want mid-range jewelry on a budget.  Unlike fine jewelry, however, it uses lower-quality metals such as gold plated or gold-filled along with semi-precious gemstones such as freshwater pearls, quartz, or even lab-created gemstones.  Although this category of jewelry is not as pure as fine jewelry, its base metal is typically sterling silver, making it typically last longer than its cheaper counterpart, costume or fashion jewelry.


Fine Jewelry:

Highest quality precious metals and stones

Will not tarnish as long as it is not mishandled

Can be resized and repaired to your liking

Highest price, long-term investment

Demi-Fine Jewelry:

One of cheapest options on the jewelry market

Resembles modern styles

While not intended to last forever, they are durable for a lengthy amount of time

Ideal for a look superior to costume/fashion jewelry without fine jewelry prices

Semi-Fine Jewelry:

Achieves the look of fine jewelry at cheaper price point

Requires more attention to care than fine jewelry

Most often seen in commercial store windows

Bebek Jewels, meshing style, quality, and detail for affordable demi-fine and semi-fine jewelry.

If you are into contemporary, modern styles or transitional designs that are timeless, but don't want to break the bank in the process, then Bebek Jewels is the perfect fit for your jewelry needs.  All pieces are ethically handmade in our workshop in Istanbul.  Meticulous detail is put into every phase of our jewelry making process, from the design phase to the casting/creating phase.  We use 21 kt gold-plated silver or brass with semi-precious gemstones such as quartz, topaz, pearl, crystals, turquoise, and onyx.  It's no wonder we have sold to 13 countries.  Our team is passionate about jewelry design and hope you'll consider us the next time you are in the market for superior quality jewelry at affordable prices.



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